Burj Al Arab, the one and only seven star hotel built on a man made island is the dream of every tourist to Dubai. Burj al Arab is synonymous to world luxury and it is always been the hotel's effort to remain the world's first and best hotel. Packed with bars and restaurants, the hotel is a world within a world, with guests enjoying every luxury service you can imagine in their opulent suites.

Burj Al Arab tour - This visit is considered equivalent to visiting a monument, because it just not a hotel alone but a breath taking mammoth structure. This hotel has brought a lot of fame to the destination because of its iconic beauty and luxury. Also, the hotel serves some excellent cocktails, the most famous among them is one such cocktail made of more than a half century old Macallen single malt, served in a 18 karat gold glass for AED 27,321 being the most expensive cocktail on earth. The cost of the cocktail is fixed and this price was marked based on some facts of the hotel, where-as the price figure 27 is the total number of levels in the hotel and 321 the height of the hotel together make the price of the cocktail at AED 27321 per drink.

The hotel possess pride and prestige in being the only hotel , which has only luxury suites and the suites are the most expensive suites in the hotel industry. The interiors of the hotel rooms are the world's best available, with no compromise in quality and service . Burj al Arab is indeed one of the best of the best.

The Burj Al Arab Tour is possible only when you book any one of the programs offered by the hotel like accommodation, meals, tea/coffee in the after noon, cocktail programs or spa service or their so called culinary flight program. Once you book any one of these services, you get an entry into the hotel . Along with the service you booked you may also look around, explore and feast your eyes with the beauty of the hotel. However, we guarantee you, that we will provide you the entry to the main lobby of the hotel and the venue you booked for the program, while further viewing other restaurants, bars are subject to availability and it is restricted to the guest rooms.

Our Burj Al Arab tour package includes pickup from the hotel to Burj Al Arab, service booked for and drop back to the hotel. If you want a guaranteed visit to all the restaurants and bars in the hotel you must book the culinary flight program. This is an ultimate program which includes visit to the hotel and you get a chance to eat or drink at all their famous restaurants and bars including the sky view bar, the Muthaha restaurant and the sub marine restaurants called Al Mahara where you will have the main course of your dinner.

For most of us, catching that iconic shot of the hotel jutting out to sea is the closest we’ll get to the Burj Al-Arab. Mere mortals can visit, but before you can even reach the front door you have to make a booking in advance and a hefty fee is charged to sightsee.

A better way to visit is by making a reservation at one of the hotel’s many bars or restaurants. Al Muntaha restaurant and the adjacent Sky view Bar are the venues to choose for soaring panoramic views.

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